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Firefly Fresh



Art Direction
Design + Illustration
Branding + Identity

Indianapolis Fruit has a command of the supply chain that allows year-round sourcing of quality produce so that it arrives to the customer as fresh as possible. The goal was to name and design the branding for this program. Through our conversations and collaborations emerged the name Firefly Fresh. Fast, direct, reliable, familiar. 


There were two challenges we needed to address when thinking about the branding for Firefly Fresh:


- Over the last decade and a half, customers have become increasingly aware of how food is grown and processed. Farmers markets and direct-to-consumer programs have exploded, underlining the need for consumers to feel connected to the source of their food.

- As people get busier with their day to day lives, it gets harder and harder to cook healthy meals without adding a ton of items to the to-do list.

Customers are looking for convenience, and saving time is king. Indianapolis Fruit is able to provide value-added produce, pre-packaged to conveniently shave precious time off of cooking.


For the first we wanted to position Firefly fresh in the familiar—and perhaps somewhat idealized—space of agriculture and produce sourcing. Some brand personality attributes were straight-forward, down to earth, steadfast, and genuine. Somewhat nostalgic, with earth tones and natural greens, the branding needed to visually feel authentic and true to the source.


For the second challenge, we needed to position Firefly Fresh as a must-have ally in the struggle to prepare healthy and affordable meals. Some brand personality attributes were smart, capable. resourceful, and two steps ahead. By creating a brand experience that is contemporary, clean, easy to parse, with simplified icons and graphics we help convey the ease of incorporating Firefly Fresh into the customers lifestyle

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