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Custom Spray 5-in-1


ECD: Bryan Judkins
CD: Zac Neilub
Writer: Kait Wilbur
Senior Designer: Allison Tylek
Microsite Design: Allison Tylek


Spray paint. The Swiss army knife of DIY. Its uses are endless: stopping rust, flipping furniture, redoing decor. But up till now, there’s only been one way to spray. Rust-Oleum’s new 5-in-1 nozzle is changing that. It’s got five different patterns, letting users tailor the spray to their project.

Our job? Getting people to understand—and embrace—the new nozzle. We built a campaign showing how the right spray pattern can eliminate drips, runs and uneven coverage. And we won over DIYers with a simple message: Their weapon of choice now comes with more choice. And more choice means better results.

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