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Bee Coffee



Art Direction
Design + Illustration
Presentation Design


Bee Coffee Roasters is a local Indianapolis Coffee Roaster who prides itself on its inclusivity within the community.  When approaching their rebrand we had two main problems to solve. First was creating a cohesive brand system that wasn't too corporate and reflected their eclectic, curious, artistic values and customer base. Second was creating an informative packaging system that would stand out on the shelf. Logos, packaging, and supporting assets were created that could be carried out on merch, stickers, mugs, and apparel to get customers excited about the new brand.

Artboard 7 copy 2_3x-100.jpg
Artboard 7_3x-100.jpg


When creating the packaging for Bee Coffee Roasters, we knew we wanted to create a brand presence that would jump of the shelf. The local competition and trends were minimal, white bags with alot of negative space. There's definitely a place for this but when everyone starts looking the same it's hard to stand out. Bee Coffee knew that a buttoned up sleek approach wasn't there cup of... errr... coffee. They knew they wanted a full color, bold look and something that would contrast the other bags in local stores. For the first direction we presented we opted for a full color, playful approach that utilized all sides of the bag to tell the brand story.

23 bag coffee2.png
Artboard 7 copy 5_3x-100_edited.jpg
Artboard 7 copy 5_3x-100_edited.jpg

For the second direction, we also wanted to present a more cost effective option. This option required a single bag printed in black and cream and then full colored labels could be added for each of the various products. This keeps the cost down by avoiding printing multiple colored bags but still allowing for unique differentiation between products on the shelf.   

23 bag coffee.png
Artboard 7 copy 6_3x-100_edited.jpg
Artboard 7 copy 6_3x-100_edited.jpg
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